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Shannon Jurek

Legal Assistant

Shannon Jurek is a Loan Document Closer and head of our South Padre Island office of The Hay Legal Group PLLC.

Prior to joining the Firm in 2012, she worked in the law office of an attorney on the island for 32 years as the legal assistant and real estate closer until he retired. Shortly after, that office was acquired by The Hay Group and Shannon brought her expertise in real estate transactions, plus her dedication and extensive knowledge of the South Padre Island market to the team.

As a Loan Document Closer, she ensures that documents are accurate, complete and free of errors so the transaction will be as smooth as possible for her clients. Attention to detail plus reliability are some of her proven strengths.

A native of the Rio Grande Valley, she has lived in Laguna Vista, TX the majority of her life, where she lives with her husband, Andy. Shannon enjoys gardening and also shares some of her veggies – from collards, mustards, and spinach to eggplant and tomatoes – with their family and their 11 Rhode Island Red Chickens, which also provide fresh eggs daily.

Cooking is another passion that she enjoys with her mother; sister, Carolyn and their uncle. With North Carolina and Louisiana origins and long-time roots in the Valley, they love to cook Cajun, southern and Mexican cuisine.

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