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Colin Newberry Heads to (Mock) Trial

[AUSTIN, TX]— Senior Associate Colin Newberry’s litigation experience has led him to a new courtroom—a fake one. Competing in the Niagara School of Law’s Mock Trial Competition the second weekend of November, the University of Texas School of Law selected Mr. Newberry to be one of two coaches to teach and travel with five students as they gain essential skills necessary to become effective attorneys.

“The experience of Mock Trial for me, while I was a student, was the most important part of my legal education,” Newberry said, adding “to be able to grow as an attorney through the building blocks of effective advocacy in the safe, but competitive environment of a Mock Trial competition put me years ahead of my peers upon exiting into practice.”

Meeting with the team 10-15 hours a week outside of his own legal responsibilities is, as Newberry stated, “a big time commitment.” However, the reinforcement of those essential objections, evidentiary rules and exceptions, and effective advocacy techniques makes the experience an important one for both students and coaches.

“I love seeing that moment when they’re no longer simply acting like lawyers, but advocating like ones. It is something I try to put into my practice every day—you’re not simply presenting your client’s case, you’re advocating on their behalf to the utmost of your abilities.”

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