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Drive Success, Not Checks – With Zoccam Mobile App


The Hay Legal Group PLLC is now listed among Independence Title Company’s escrow agents for the new Zoccam mobile app.

Zoccam offers agents the ability to safely and securely send the contract and earnest money from anywhere.

  • Zoccam Saves Time – send the contract and earnest money from anywhere at any time, without driving all over town.
  • Zoccam Is Easy – capture the check image in seconds from your phone or tablet and receive immediate email notification letting you know the earnest money was delivered.
  • Zoccam Is Secure – the check is encrypted from capture to delivery. There is no financial information or check image kept on your phone.

Just download the app for iPhones or Android phones and begin working smarter, not harder.

After downloading the app and registering, you select escrow officers. Just choose one of The Hay Legal Group offices from the Independence Title list, as pictured below. BE SURE THE CHECK IS MADE PAYABLE TO INDEPENDENCE TITLE COMPANY.


And now there is a NEW Zoccam Feature which allows a Realtor to invite their buyer (who is out of town or unavailable) to use Zoccam to take an image of the earnest money check and submit the order.

How do Realtors get it? This feature is in the newest update for both iPhone and Android devices. Realtors will want to make sure the current version being used is 2.2.1.  Depending on their phone settings, this update may be automatic or they may have to manually go to the App store or Google Play to download.

They can confirm they have the update by going to the menu in the app and choosing “About”.  Here they will see the Production version at the bottom of the screen.  Also, if they are on the home screen, they will know that they have the newest version as they will now see an additional option to choose “Enter ZCode” above the “Send Earnest Money” option.

How does it work?


  • The Realtor will choose “Send Earnest Money,” enter in all the order information as usual and attach the contract (attaching contract is still optional).
  • The Realtor must enter the buyer’s email address as this is how the buyer will receive the invite and code.
  • Once contract information is entered, instead of moving on to take the image of the check, the Realtor will choose “Buyer Capture” as opposed to “Check Capture” and is asked to enter the buyer’s mobile phone number and send.  This sends the buyer an email invite with the ZCode and a link with instructions on the process.
  • Data and contract are held in a queue and are not sent until the buyer takes an image of the Earnest Money and completes the process.


  • The buyer opens the email and is instructed to download the app.
  • They register by entering their mobile phone number in place of the license number.  They do not need to enter any other information.
  • The buyer receives a four-digit code via text, will enter the code and create a PIN.
  • Next choose “Enter ZCode” and enter the ZCode from the email.
  • They are taken to the contract detail screen which contains the information already entered by the Realtor.
  • The buyer will take an image of the check-front and back, confirm the information and send the order.
  • Note:  This is for a one-time use only.
  • All parties receive their email confirmation as they do today and the transaction is now complete.

So Zoccam is now easier than ever for both the buyer and Realtor.

Drive Success Not Checks!

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