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Irene Rucker

Escrow Officer

Originally from Louisiana, Irene was introduced to Austin when she came to visit her sister who was attending UT.  She thought that Austin would be a wonderful temporary stop on her way to San Francisco after college…..that was 1990!  She now resides in Northwest Austin, with her two children Nicholas and Abigail and occasionally visits San Francisco.

Prior to moving to Austin, she worked at the Baton Rouge General Hospital as the Quality Control Coordinator.  After her move to Austin, she was the Program Administrator for the Internal Medicine Residency Training program with the Central Texas Medical Foundation for 7 years.  She left that position to take on the challenging position of stay-at-home mom a year after her first child was born.  She was a stay-at-home mom for 4 years before returning to the workforce, this time in the real estate realm.

Like everyone else, Irene “fell” into title.  She began by helping out a friend who owned a mortgage brokerage.  Through that experience, their title company asked if she had any interest in title.  She hadn’t considered it before, but thought “Why not?”  So, she began her career as an Escrow Assistant, eventually becoming the experienced Escrow Officer that she is today.

Irene is passionate about the process of the transaction.  While the process is basically the same, each transaction brings about new and different nuances that make each one an individual experience.

She is also passionate about those she works with.  She feels that success is achieved when you surround yourself with those of like-mind and goals, which perfectly aligns with Hay Legal Group’s central mission.

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