Hay Legal Group PLLC

Tiffany Isaacs Smith

Escrow Officer

Tiffany Isaacs Smith began her career in the real estate and title industry in the Austin market, after attending college in Florida in 2003, quickly becoming an Escrow Officer.  As she described, “I literally just fell into the title business and loved it.” She and her team joined The Hay Group in January, 2016 at our north Austin location at 7900 Shoal Creek Blvd.

Her favorite part of the job is working with her clients and buyers/sellers at the closing table, helping them feel at ease during the signing process. Her expertise, thoroughness and attention to detail prior to closing make this task an easier one.

One of her strengths is problem solving for clients and “being the calm in the storm.”  She brings her expertise and passion to every deal and especially enjoys working with new agents and learning how they work.

Originally from Killeen, she and her two year old son, London, now live in Pflugerville.  London is her greatest achievement and keeps her very busy.   On weekends, when she is not shuttling to karate classes or birthday parties, she loves to read to him.

Outside of work, her life is primarily focused on her family and her church. But Tiffany does take time to continue her Bikram Yoga practice, claiming the peace of mind and body workout is “better than chocolate.”



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