Hay Legal Group PLLC

Hannah Myres

Senior Sales Associate

A native of Austin, Hannah Myres, Sales Associate for The Hay Legal Group PLLC, started her career in the title industry with a strong focus on clients and their needs. She is passionate about helping real estate agents develop and define their brand. Hannah’s favorite part of her job is working with them to use tools and systems that will actually help grow their business.

She comes by these skills naturally as, after graduating from Texas A & M University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, she moved back to Austin in 2009, where Hannah started in sales management in the retail industry. While with Williams Sonoma Inc, she helped create a nationwide digital client management system to enhance existing customers’ sales.

Then she was introduced to the title industry by a real estate friend and Hannah found her perfect niche. Networking is also one of her greatest strengths and she is Vice President of the Smart Set BNI chapter in Austin.

Hannah and her husband, Matt have been married for 10 years and are dog lovers, especially their two Australian Shepherds, Maverick and Ruby. They are motorsports enthusiasts and can often be seen at COTA at various races. And with their love of cooking, they enjoy visiting farmer’s markets and trying new recipes.

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